Happily Ever After

Highlights 2020

Highlights 2018

Sasha  – Yes! I found a great forever home even though I did not show well during my meet-and-greet when my new mom visited. She fell in love with me regardless and will give me the time I need to warm up to her – which should be in the next 24 hours.  I’m actually a really social girl but need to get to know people. My new mom was sad when she read that all my kittens got adopted and that I’m still waiting. She gave me the blink eye, which I returned, and I let her pet my beautiful soft coat.  A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. I already lover my new mom for the big heart she has. I will keep you posted! ~Sasha (September 3, 2018)

Leonard & Ray –  It’s us, Leonard and Raj, letting you know about our name change. Our foster mom was so worried about us being adopted separately, that she did something to guarantee we’d stay together. Oh, we’re still known as Leonard and Raj, but Dr. Hofstadter and Dr. Koothrappali have changed their last names to our foster mom’s last name. Our foster mom is now our mom, and she says it’s not a (foster) failure, it’s a choice! And we agree. If it wouldn’t have been for her, who knows where we would have end up and how our life would have been. We love her so much and hope our sibling Amy and Sheldon will find wonderful humans as well. See you around. ~Raj and Leonard (July 28, 2018)

Spicey – I waited a long time for the right human to come by. They seemed very nice and had soft voices. I sniffed them out, let them touch me, while still making sure they know who’s in charge.  They fell for me and I fell for them. No one knew that I am a car cat, which means, I don’t like being in a carrier but I’m all relaxed in a human arm. In the photo you can see me on my way to my new home. I will rule their house, already inspected every room and decided that the chair by the patio window will be mine forever. It’s the perfect size and will complement my color! Thank you everyone for sharing my story and helping me find my home. ~ Spicey (May 16, 2018)

Harmony & Presto – Photos and story to follow (April 24, 2018)

Reverse Hi peeps. Remember me? My name was Reverse and with my brothers Tumbleweed and Patch I was looking for a forever home. Yes, it took me the longest BUT I found myself the best forever people who will show me the world. I’m happy that they picked ME even though they had their eye on a different cat at first. My calm demeanor won them over. I might check in with you guys every once in a while and tell you about all the cool things I have learned. I will miss you all. ~Sanjay  (March 5, 2018)

First adoption of 2018 is – Drum roll please! – ME!!! Earl Grey!! I moved into forever home and even though I still miss my little sister Kiki, I’m happy that I gained a new brother in Clarence. He’s a bit older than I am and that means we can hard-core wrestle, have high speed chases, WWE jump moves, and just be the crazy kittens we’re meant to be. Both, Clarence and I, are very active and playful kitties and our mom is in for a lot of fun and excitement. The first night together was great as we were all snuggled up in bed. Also, no injuries were reported. *chuckle* Thank you all for following my story, please continue to support Kiki. ~Earl Grey now known as George Bailey as in the Wonderful Life (January 4, 2018)

We’re only able to do what we do with your help and monetary donation. We will continue saving orphan kittens and senior cats from euthanasia at the local shelters and/or by taking in cats from the community. Please consider a donation either via below PayPal button or send a check to SOS Cat Rescue AZ, P.O.Box 35002, Tucson, AZ 85740-5002. Thank you!

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Highlights 2017

Who would have thought that Colt and I would get adopted, even less together. We were both on the euthanasia list at the Pinal shelter and we were picked up by a SOS volunteer. We were both sick, I even more than Colt, and our foster dad took really good care of us. We probably caused him some sleepless nights. This made us even more adorable (please let us believe this, ok?!) and we worked hard to give our foster dad google eyes and purrs and snuggles. Long story short. The day we moved into our dad’s home as fosters was the day we actually were home, yet, neither of us nor our foster dad knew it. Only recently, it became VERY VERY clear that he wasn’t able to part with us. Not that we helped him in any way! We are BEYOND thrilled to announce that our foster dad ADOPTED us and we can stay with him FOREVER!! YAY. We’d love to wish every one of you supporters, donors, volunteers, and foster parents a HAPPY 2018. Thanks for following our journey and watching us grow healthy and grow up! ~Cupcake (and Colt) (December 31, 2017)

Waldorf & Astoria We picked our forever mom won  during the meet-and-greet because she sat on the floor patiently waiting for us to approach her. We are very entertaining as we love to play with just about everything. But our favorite thing is chasing each other and then wrestling in a furry, frenzied ball till one escapes. Then the chase resumes. Also, we are absolutely bonded: where one is, the other is always close by. Last Friday, we discovered the bed and played hunt the mouse under the covers! That was so much fun! We decided to stay with her forever! ~Waldorf & Astoria (December 16, 2017)

Merlin Hi all! I’m probably the one SOS cat who set a new record in getting adopted: Within a couple of days. I was initially shy but turned into a Prince Charming as soon as I settled in. During the day, I play a lot and sleep a lot; as soon as my forever parents come home after a long day at work, I will either tell them about my day or sing them a nice song. I definitely love the attention and I’m a willing recipient for head scratches and belly rubs.  ~Merlin  (December 10, 2017)

Jalapeno & Poblano  We are also home for the Holidays. Our foster mom became our forever mom. Initially, we were very shy and hiding under the couch and the bed. She really had to work hard for our trust, showed us that she wanted us to feel home, and we rewarded her with our love and affection. When we finally decided to trust her and started sleeping on the bed with her, she was not able to part with us and decided that we found our forever home with her. A match made in heaven. ~Poblano & Jalapeño (December 10, 2017)

Coco HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is the best present!
After an urgent plea for a forever home when I told you my foster mom was moving back to Australia, I did indeed find my forever human. She’s great and I came right up to her during our first meeting. I also let her pick me up. I like her smell and she’s very calm and gentle. It didn’t take me long to explore the whole house and settle in. I also let her take a photo of me quality testing the bed. It passed the test and I will use it VERY frequently. The Christmas tree will go up soon, I’m super excited and can’t wait to see it in full pride. Happy Holidays to all of you. ~ Coco (December 09, 2017)

Cookie & Chippy Guess what!? That’s right. Cookie and I found our forever people who prepped their house for kittens – boy will we be spoiled. They bought new toys, scratching devices, blankets, and, and, and. They also set up a decompression suite in the bathroom for Cookie to get adjusted; she’s a little shy these days. I felt right at home, jumped into the sink and cleaned myself. I can’t wait to explore the whole house. I almost forgot, we got new names too: Maudie and Maxime. Not sure who is who yet, but we’ll figure it out. ~ Chippy &  Cookie (November 5, 2017)

Calvin Within a few days at the rescue, my mom knew I was the one for her. We had to convince the other human and my feline brother Sheldon first.  The human was easy peasy! Sheldon is not convinced yet now that he has to share his house and humans. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit too energetic for his taste. We will see but who could resist me? I love everyone and I found my forever home fast; within a week, that is awesome! ~Calvin, now Jaspers (November 4, 2017)

Frida Happy to let you know that I moved out of my foster home and into my forever mom’s home. I now have a feline brother who I have to convince of my awesomeness. To his defense, he was surprised when he saw me. I’m glad my foster mom took me in to give birth at to my baby Matilda and helped me raise her. Now we both found our forever homes. Just in time for the Holidays!!  ~Frida (October 30, 2017)

Arizona  When I told my foster mom that I picked out my forever humans she said “of course you did!” My now mom and dad came by to meet Bailey & Beau but I stole the show – of course! I waltzed up to them to sniff her, turned, and walked away right that moment when she wanted to pet me. After two more steps I turned around and gave her the “I’m adorable, admit it” look. She laughed, which I think is the best sound in the world, well, maybe next to the click of a new can of my favorite food being opened. I’m enjoying life with my forever feline brother Jack. We chase each other a lot and we’re just two crazy kittens enjoying strings and snuggles. ~My new name is FiFi (October 22, 2017)

Beau and Bailey  Yes, it’s true! We, the most snuggly kittens in the rescue, got adopted. We have never dreamed that our life would be so fulfilled when we were found barely hours old. We knew these humans were meant to be for us the second they walked through the door. Beau was all over him while I was playing hard to get at first but that didn’t last long because there was just something about them. They sat down on the floor, played, just got to know us. We liked them a lot and will get spoiled rotten, we were told, and we already explored the apartment with all the new toys and stuff. Best thing is that we will be together forever!! YAY. ~Bailey and Beau (September 30, 2017)

Cassidy The grass is always greener on the other side. My favorite spot in my foster home was the cat tree in front of the big window where I could watch wildlife all day long. I also watched the neighbor from across the street and obviously he saw me too. I gave him googly eyes and meowed at him. Long story short, I moved in with him, totally ditching my foster mom, to live life large. ~Cassidy (September 16, 2017)

Matilda  Hi peeps! Most of you might not know me because I never attended a single adoption event. I didn’t even get my own personal profile on the website or any of the other social media outlets. Why? You might ask! Well, I was too little and by the time I was old enough, I was already scooped up by my forever daddy. Ain’t I a lucky girl! Wishing all other SOS kittens the same! ~Matilda (September 9, 2017)

Opus  Being as handsome as I am, I knew I could wrap any human around my little paw. So, I paw-picked my new human during the meet-and-greet; it was that easy. In good ‘ol Opus fashion, I walked up to her and sniffed her out. My brother Maestro tried to steal her from me, but this time I didn’t let it happen. She smelled so good, had such a calm aura, and I just fell in love with her … ehhmm … I mean I made HER fall for me. What do you think? Don’t we look dashing together? Matching hair, eyes, and all? I’ll keep you posted in our love story! Happily Ever After! Thanks for everything. ~Diego (formerly known as Opus) (August 13, 2017)

Momma Cass My new mom spotted my daughter Harmony at the PetSmart adoption event and visited us for a meet-and-greet during which I was able to convince her that I might be a better choice for her home and her fur babies since I have outgrown the crazy kitten phase. I’m sure it helped that Harmony is the spitting image of me.  I’m a very friendly cat and I’m sure I will make myself at home with my feline brother Indy and canine sister Daisy. I have met both through the glass door and they seem to be just darling. I also have a new hobby: watching baby squirrels through the large glass door in the Arizona room. ~ Momma Cass (August 12, 2017)

Maestro I found myself a great new forever family with two human sisters to spoil me rotten and to give me all the attention I seek. Also, I gained a canine big brother. I’m not sure about him yet but he appears to be a gentle giant. Maybe I will snuggle up to him next week, or the week after. Rumor has it that my human sisters were already following me (or SOS – who knows that for sure) on Facebook and I was able to convince them during the meet-and-greet that I’m the right cat for them. During the next few days, I’ll be busy exploring my new home and getting to know all the humans living here. Most importantly, I need to figure out on which bed and with which human I will spend my nights dreaming about mice. I will keep you posted, please don’t forget me. Love, ~Maestro (August 10, 2017)

Stardust I met these two wonderful humans at a special adoption event a few weeks back. They seemed great and smelled funny. I liked them immediately and they seemed to like me too. At the time, I was still too little for my spay surgery and they agreed to wait for me. When my big day came, my cat bed and I moved in with them. First, I checked every corner of the apartment, then I gave the shoe rack a thorough inspection. I will get lots of pets and snuggles. My new name is Gigi (August 6, 2017)

Tumbleweed I like my new home and human. She is all mine to command, or so I thought. For now, I have a room to myself with lots of new smells and toys. My human told me I will meet my feline sister soon and that there will be a slow introduction to not upset either one of us. My new name is Zeke and her name is Zelda. Did you notice the theme here? Also, my forever human thinks I’m a voracious eater. Not sure what gave her that impression .. nom .. nom .. nom. Oh! There is another toy I haven’t played with. Sorry, but I gotta go! ~Zeke (July 15, 2017)


Patch Little did I know about the big world outside my foster home. I grew up with my seven siblings and a couple of big dogs and didn’t know life any different. When my now forever humans came to meet me, I was just my little outgoing and playful self.  Again, little did I know that they were going to adopt me and I would, once again, be part of a large furry family. I have two canine siblings and a few feline brothers and sister. I haven’t met all of them yet but I will present myself in the best possible way. I even looked straight into the camera when asked to pose for a SOS alumni photo. I is pretty! I is handsome! I is loved! Best thing is, I’m going to keep my name! Lots of love ~Patch (July 8th, 2017)

Napa and Wookie My short life has changed ever since we moved to our forever home together. Me, Wookie, has never seen a dog or a small human. My forever home has both and so far, I like them even though they are somewhat scary. Napa on the other hand, grew up with dogs and made friends with our canine sister almost immediately. Both of them are relaxing on the bed and watching me play. Another thing Napa showed me was how to use a sink correctly. I tried it, and my forever mom thought I’m a natural.  I’m so happy to live with my big sister Napa and that our forever humans were not worried at all that she’s a special need cats (you know, she only has one eye and a chronic nasal discharge). I love her regardless and honestly, haven’t noticed anything unusual about her. I could not have asked for more. Our forever family with three humans, tall and short, and one furry sibling! ~ Wookie and Napa (July 6, 2017)

Mr. Ash  A lot has changed since I moved into my new home with my forever humans, canine sister, a snake and a few spiders. I help my new mom with her office work while sitting on her desk – best spot to supervise! Also, I got a brand new cat trees, toys, and an awesome collar. What do you think? Is this color flattering or what? Life is great & I wish for all mature SOS cats to find their forever homes soon. ~My new name is Oberon and I like it. (April 30, 2017)

Lola Remember me? I’m Lola, your fashionista? My siblings and I were rescued just days old, all found their forever homes as kittens and I grew up in my foster home waiting for just the perfect human(s). And YES, finally, I found my very own forever home (and humans!) . I hand (paw) picked them and they let me rule their house ever since. The weekends are my favorite. Why? Because my humans shower me with their love ALL day, give me endless attention and, of course, worship my every action. I’m just so glad they saw my awesomeness and gave me a forever home. ~Lola. PS. I love them too and purr up a storm. (February 18, 2017)

Colossus and TwinkleToes Hi peeps! We are almost grown up now. Getting adopted by my humans was the best thing that happened to me (besides the SOS peeps coming to my rescue); second best thing: getting adopted together with X-men kitty brother Colossus. From day one, he let me use him as my pillow. We’re almost inseparable and I learned a lot from him about the rules, the ropes, and how to be a little brother. Yay we get our Happily Ever After together! ~TwinkleToes (now Tiny) and Colossus (February 4, 2017)

Domino and Checkers We are another bonded pair of the “farm” kittens (now Jaspers and Kitt). We turned our foster parents’ world upside down when we moved in what was supposed to be just until we got adopted. They didn’t think we had any say in this and boy were they wrong. We got along with our older feline brother just fine and decided to convince them that we’re already in our forever home and showed only our best traits so that our foster parents simply couldn’t let us go. We and our forever brother Buddy are getting spoiled rotten are we are sure that all 5 of us will have a Happily Ever After. ~Domino and Checkers (now Jaspers and Kitt) (January 28, 2017)

Jayna and Zan The first kittens to find their forever home in the new year and the first bonded pair of the farm kittens to charm their very own human. When he met us, he knew we were initially shy but, to everyone’s surprise, I (Zan) warmed up to him even during the meet-and-greet. He didn’t have a choice to welcome both of us into his home.  We’re just that awesome as a team. ~Jayna and Zan (January 24, 2017)

We’re only able to do what we do with your help and monetary donation. We will continue saving orphan kittens and senior cats from euthanasia at the local shelters and/or by taking in cats from the community.  Medical bills are the largest expense we’re facing. Please read up on our trooper Winter the cat with the largest medical bill thus far ($3,000 plus).

Please consider a donation either via below PayPal button or send a check to SOS Cat Rescue AZ, P.O.Box 35002, Tucson, AZ 85740-5002.

Thank you!

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SOS Cat Rescue AZ, P.O.Box 35002, Tucson, AZ 85740-5002, phone (520) 445-3889

Highlights of 2016Beast

Beast Another handsome guy from the X-Men litter found his home in 2016. Beast’s name might have been misleading since he’s one big snuggle head and ball of purrs. His forever mom fell in love with his photo and description on one of our social media sides, meet him, and couldn’t live without him. He will join a family of 4 humans, two canine sisters, as well as a feline sister. We hope his first Holiday in his forever home will be the memorable. Happily Ever After, snuggle head! (December 12, 2016)

15036630_1240889795963843_8004862720578600189_nMr. Purr-fect Small, dark, and handsome Purr-fect convinced his adopters and forever humans that it’s worth waiting for his love. He played hard to get during the meet-and-greet and sparked even more interest for himself. He moved into his forever home right in time for the holidays and is living the life ever since. Besides getting adopted by loving humans, he also received lots of presents in form of new toys and a cat tree. He returns the love by helping to make the bed, providing everyone with loud purrs and snuggles. Happily Ever After to the three of you. (November 26, 2016)

Samoa3Samoa Beautiful and sweet Samoa won the hearts of her foster mom and foster brother so that they made it official to give her a forever home with them. Her new nickname is Miss Mini and since everyone already knows all there is to know about each other, we’re very confident that this will be one fairy tale for everyone involved. Happily Ever After to the three of you! (November 10, 2016)

adoptionphotoMystique Our little sunshine Mystique found herself another sunshine to share her life with. Her forever mom is a SOS volunteer who fell in love with Mystique on her first day. Mystique presented herself in the best light every time her favorite volunteer (now mom) was around and really pulled all the strings including licking her mom’s arm every chance she got. Finally, her new mom realized that she could not let her go to someone else and submitted her adoption application. Everyone is thrilled, especially the two beauties. HAPPILY EVER AFTER! (November 8, 2016)

StormStorm Little whirlwind Storm convinced her forever parents about her loving qualities during her meet-and-greet. Our little love bug was full of purrs and snuggles as well as energy. She displayed her running and climbing ability as well as her independent side. She will be an only cat loved but a wonderful couple who just lost their previous cat.  Storm will not replace their cat but fill their house with new energy. Happily Ever After for the three of you! (October 1, 2016)

14517502_1195792020473621_9059424471472942520_nRadio Our little, handsome, and loving guy Radio found himself the best forever family. He moved into their home a little while back as a foster kitten and put his little purr hooks into their hearts so that they could not part with him. He’s right at home as you can see. Radio, now named Bodie, completes his human and fur family and is already best friends with his big brother Jasper and tiny petite sister Harley Rain. Happily ever after to all of you!! (September 28, 2016)


Osiris When they say there was a match made in heaven, it was Osiris finding his forever home.  His forever human was specifically looking for a mature male cat who was good with dogs.  9-year old Osiris fit the profile to a T.  He was waiting at the door for his new dad and greeted him Osiris’ style, which means he was purring and meowing, and rubbing up around his visitors’ knees.  His outgoing and loving personality left no room for doubts. He completes a three generation family with 2 senior canines.  Happily Ever After! (August 9, 2016)

Quicksilver  This adorable Russian Blue Mix kitten is the first of the X-Men litter to find his forever home.  His forever family searched for the right fit for a while and instantly fell in love with Quicksilver’s precious face , his sweet attitude and loving personality.  One of his favorite things to do is play fetch with a toy mouse while running up and down his cat tree. He will join a canine brother to complete the family.   He Live long and prosper! (July 23, 2016)

12993384_1080842551968569_2077834014548131403_nCalifornia (Cali) Sweet, loving, and affectionate Cali found her forever home during the Adopt Love Adopt Local mega adoption event 2016. Her calm and loving demeanor at a crazy, busy, and loud place like the adoption event won her forever guardians over.  Little Miss Purr presented herself in the best possible light.  She moved into her new home after her spay surgery and made a new friend in her forever feline sister Nellie.  Both girls share the cat tree, the couch, and the human attention while being their loving furry selves. Happily Ever After to the four of you! (April 30, 2016)



Gizmo This playful, affectionate, and outgoing guy found his forever home in no time.  Even though his paperwork states that he’s not a kitten anymore, he will get the zoomies every once in a while and can now run around like crazy with his forever feline siblings Polly and Nitro.  He seems to be the perfect match in spirit and color. Polly is an all-white poly dactyl and Nitro an all-black handsome guy. The moment Gizmo moved in, he was at home and now shares either the cat tree or the best spot at the bird watching window with either one of his siblings. Well played, Sir! Happily Ever After! (March 31, 2016)

BabyGirl, Joan Jett, and Elvis Purrsley  BabyGirl and BabyGirl Joan ElvisJoan Jett were the reason for a wonderful family to arrange a meet-and-greet. Little Elvis, being the big brother he is, did not leave his sisters’ side (and worked his remarkable charm at the same time). The result is this wonderful announcement that all three siblings found their forever home TOGETHER. We’re beyond thrilled that our furr-babies were given the chance to grow up together and will stay together forever!! Thank you. Happily Ever After to all of you!!!!! (February 27, 2016)


On the day before Valentine’s Day, our snuggle head Squeakers is the third cat in a row snatching his new humans during a meet-and-greet which  was scheduled for a foster sibling so the old saying “You never know who you fall for” must be true.  Squeakers’ new family was won his forever family over with his calm and cuddly demeanor and because he was running after them when they left.  He moved into a vivid three-generation household which he will also share with an older Dachshund and an one-year old kitty brother.  Happily Ever After for all of you, may it be filled with lots of purrs and snuggles.  (February 13, 2016)

imageOur shy girl Rossi also snatched her new humans during a meet-and-greet that was scheduled for a foster sibling. Her new dad fell in love with her soft coat and the “loudest purr for such a small thing”.  She has no problem with the male cat who runs her new home and she likes to snuggle under the covers with her new mom. Another match made in heaven for a sweet angel. She will grow into the best cat she can be, now that she has security in her little life once again (her first owner passed away and she was very confused and heart broken). Her new humans and furry sibling will definitely take care of her. Happy Life little love bug! (January 25, 2016)

Berkeley convinced his new mom of his awesomeness when she came for a meet-and-greet with another cat.  His outgoing purrsonality and affectionate behavior made her want to take him home right then and there.  After our mandatory home visit, he was able to move in and won over the heart of one of his doggy brothers right away. His big dog brother is as happy as can be to have another kitten to care for.  His new mom and dad are smitten by his care-free behavior and trust. Within a few minutes of him moving in, he already emptied the toy basket and strategically placed all this new toys throughout the house. We’re convinced this was love at first sight. (January 23, 2016)

Lita1Lita was the first SOS cat in 2016 to find her new forever home as an “only child” to two great human guardians. She will not miss out on anything and will be spoiled rotten. We’re glad she was able to convince these humans that she’s an awesome cat with great purrsonality despite her handicap and worth the risk of falling in love with her. Happily Ever After to the three of you! (January 14, 2016)

SOS Cat Rescue AZ, P.O.Box 344, Cortaro, AZ 85652-0344 phone (520) 445-3889

We’re only able to do what we do with your help and monetary donation. We will continue saving orphan kittens and senior cats from euthanasia at the local shelters and/or by taking in cats from the community.  Medical bills are the largest expense we’re facing. Please read up on our trooper Winter the cat with the largest medical bill thus far ($3,000 plus).

Please consider a donation either via below PayPal button or call Pet DoctoRX, our rescue veterinarian office directly via (520) 829-5166 to donate directly into our medical account #5149.

Thank you and god bless!

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Highlights of 2015

Huck8#10 Huck found his forever home through the backdoor. His now forever daddy was actually looking to adopt a second kitten for his residential kitten and had his eye on Sydney who (fortunately for Huck) was moving into his forever home that night. Our adoption counselor suggested Huck as a big brother and after Huck showed his charm with his, now daddy, from the very first second during the meet-and-greet, Huck can call himself the lucky big brother to not only one kitten sister but two. He made himself right at home, took the kittens under his paw, and was already spotted occupying the sink in good ‘ol Huck manner. We are sure that he will have the life he deserves! Happily Ever After for the four of you!! (December 20, 2015)


Sully2Sully looks stunning and irresistible in photos. When his foster mom posted his photos to her personal page, she received a inquiry from a friend the very next morning. The application was great, the home visit went very well, and our outgoing boy was “at home” with everyone in the new home within 24 hours, His new mom reported that he was roaming around and took matters into his own paws by introducing himself to his canine siblings which are already used to living with cats. He started head butting them right away and, even though the barking of one scared him a little, life was good after both touched noses. It was destined for all five to become a family and we’re happy that Sully found his second and last forever home right in time for the Holidays. He is now living in Kingman, AZ and is officially the SOS alum living the furthest away from SOS headquarters. We just know he hit the jackpot with his new family. All the best for all of you!  (December 19, 2015)

Chance captured the attention of his forever human while living in his foster home. His daddy came to visit, fell in love, took him home for a trial run to see how he’d do with the residential cats and dogs (as if anyone needed convincing), and the deal was sealed.  Chance, now called Boo Bear, got his second change for a Happily Ever After. Well played Chance, well played! (December 7, 2015)

Sydney was trapped at a rental place by a SOS foster and won the hearts of many within days. He convinced a young family that he’s the perfect addition to their home and not only got himself a human sister but also a beautiful older cat sister named Wittles. This cuddle buddy with the loud purr engine will celebrate his first Christmas (with many others to follow) loved and spoiled by his new human family and sister Wittles. Happily Ever After to all five of you. (December 5, 2015)




Jeremiah is our 2nd Foster Failure of 2015. Foster failure isn’t a bad thing, it just means that Jeremiah convinced his that it would be REALLY the best thing for her to keep this snuggle head around and adopted him herself. Either way it is a win-win for everyone! He will be staying with her forever! We wish both to have the times of their lives! (November 16, 2015)


Our first momma cat found her forever home. Toffee, the gorgeous flame-point Siamese raised her babies and saw them go to their new homes.  While waiting patiently in her foster home, she made lasting impressions e.g. she let her foster daddy teach her tricks to the point at which her foster parents wouldn’t part with her.  Sneaky and clever Toffee ensured her forever home being the home she’s already familiar with and raised her babies in. First foster failure of the year. Have the happiest of life’s little girl!! (October 30, 2015)


Our small, dark, and handsome kitten Boo found himself a forever family and furry siblings.  Who says black cats don’t get adopted, when two of our handsome black boys found their forever homes within months. Boo got adopted into a loving family with three other black cats – there might be a theme! We’re sure he will be loved and spoiled. Have a Happily Ever After little boy! (October 14, 2015)


Nightwalker20Our loving, dark, and handsome prince was born on July 4th, 2014 and came to us as a tiny kitten with ringworm. As a big brother he was guarding his siblings and later foster siblings, and being the vocal, playful, loving cat that he is, he found his forever family through a Appreciation Group for Black Cats on Facebook, and now has two big brothers (both also black) to play with, protect, and guard. His forever mom will keep us updated on his progress and we will share photos with you on facebook. We’re wishing all five of you a Happily Ever After (September 5, 2015).

SOS Cat Rescue AZ, P.O.Box 35002, Tucson, AZ 85740-5002, phone (520) 445-3889

We’re only able to do what we do with your help and monetary donation. We will continue saving orphan kittens and senior cats from euthanasia at the local shelters and/or by taking in cats from the community.  Medical bills are the largest expense we’re facing. Please read up on our trooper Winter the cat with the largest medical bill thus far ($3,000 plus).

Please consider a donation either via below PayPal button or call Pet DoctoRX, our rescue veterinarian office directly via (520) 829-5166 to donate directly into our medical account #5149.

Thank you and god bless!

Donate Button with Credit Cards


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