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Please make a difference today by clicking on the PayPal donation button below and making your secure donation online.

All SOS cats say meow which in this case means “Thank you!”

Donate Button with Credit Cards

We also accept your kind donations by check to: SOS Cat Rescue AZ, P.O.Box 35002, Tucson, AZ 85740-5002, or call one of our rescue veterinarian offices to donate directly into our medical accounts:

  • Pet DoctoRX via (520) 829-5166, medical account #5149
  • Twin Peaks Veterinary Center via (520) 572-8300 (just mention SOS Cat Rescue AZ),

How does your donation help us? For example:  $15 buys a bottle of antibiotics for a cat who has an upper-respiratory, $10 buys a life-saving distemper vaccine, $25 buys a microchip for a cat who will find his or her way back to us if he or she ever gets lost or abandoned. These are just a few examples, please remember that the tiniest and oldest are most of the time the ones with the highest medical expenses.

Financial Transparency

SOS Cat Rescue AZ is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Arizona in 2015. We receive no government funding and all donations are 100% tax-deductible as allowed by law.  SOS Cat Rescue AZ is recognized as exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).  IRS Determination Letter . We are committed to fiscal responsibility and transparency.

All monetary donations go directly and exclusively towards veterinary care, medication, and supplies for the kittens and cats in our care. We are funded exclusively by donations from dedicated animal lovers, generous supporters, and adoption fees; and regardless of how small a cash donation is, it helps SOS to continue to take in orphan kittens and senior cats as well as cats of all ages in hospice situations. The funds are exclusively used to provide our cats with the individual care they need until they find their forever homes or the hospice seniors pass over the rainbow bridge.

Non-monetary (in-kind) donations are also always welcome and highly appreciated by the kitties of SOS. The rescue is always in need of KMR (kitten milk replacer), kitten wet food, kitten dry food, litter, toys, and other supplies to continue to provide the care for kittens and seniors in our rescue.

We created an Amazon-Wishlist: and also listed items we always need below:

“Need list” (in alphabetical order):
* Cat beds
* Cat blankets
* Cat carrier (plastic preferred since it’s easier to disinfect between usages)
* Cat litter (clumping and non-clumping)
* Cat trees
* Cat toys
* Dry food (all brands, and for all ages)
* Flea/tick spot treatments
* Food bowls
* Litter boxes
* KMR Milk Replacer Food Supplement for kittens (powder and liquid)
* Towels
* Water dishes
* Wet food (all brands, and for all ages)
* Wire pet crates

If you’d like to donate a Kuranda bed to one of our kitties, please click on the below photo or click here ( and you’ll be forwarded to our Kuranda Wishlist:

Please stay tuned for updates or contact us for more information.

SOS Cat Rescue AZ, P.O.Box 35002, Tucson, AZ 85740-5002  phone (520) 445-3889

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