Special Need Cats

DSH – whiteHaven3 - Copy
Female – spayed
Male – neutered
FeLV/FIV test – negative
DOB: approx. May 2000

My name is Haven and, yes, you read it right, I am a 17 year old girl. Normally, we girls keep our age a secret but in this case I made an exception.  My handsome brother is named Winter and he is also 17 years of age (he refuses to say old).

Haven5SOS rescued us in 2015 when we were dropped off at the local shelter to be euthanized because of our age. Thankfully, our foster dad saw us and scooped us up and brought us home.  Long story short, we live with loving fosters where we have the pleasure of occupying a whole room including a cat tree, a chair at the window, a queen size human bed with TV.  Whenever our foster dad feels like it, we can watch TV with him, snuggled up to both sides and we allow him to give us endless chin scratches, belly rubs, and more.

Do not get me wrong, I am a sassy old lady and I still know how to play. My favorite thing to do is taking naps, getting pet by my foster parents, and teasing Winter. My eyes surely are mesmerizing and I love to stare my foster parents straight in the eye before I meow at them.

Winter10Let me take over here, sissy. Hello, it’s me, Winter! Game of Throne fans might say: Winter is coming! Together with my sister Haven, I’m looking for a new forever home to retire in. We are 17 years old but still young at heart. And, we outgrew the crazy kitten phase a LONG time ago.

I’m happy that SOS saved us from the shelter and gave us a home together. I need my sassy sissy Haven but don’t tell her I said so.  My favorite thing to do is making faces for the camera but I also like taking naps -preferably on a human’s lap-, getting pet by my foster parents, and getting teased by Haven. That old gal thinks I mind but I don’t. I enjoy snuggling up to her and even lick her ears.

Winter-Haven4During the past two years we both had a dental procedure and Winter almost needed a full mouth extraction. He is left with only his lower canines. He still loves to eat his dry food so I think it doesn’t hurt him. Unfortunately, 2017 did not start good for either of us. We were both diagnosed with early stages of kidney (renal disease) which requires us to get sub-q-fluid injections every other day which costs over $20 a bag and we use one bag ever 1-2 weeks to keep our precious kidneys going. We have a few supporters donating the special kidney dry food but no one has stepped up (yet) to sponsor our fluids. Maybe you’re the one?!

Please share the word about us among your friends, family, and co-workers, that we were saved by SOS, and that we are looking for a relaxing forever home together where we can live our the remaining cat lives we have and receive the medical care we need. The perfect home would provide in-house sub-q-fluid treatments as well as lots of TLC.

If you have additional questions about our health, how to donate into any medical fund, or want to meet us to see if we are a good fit, please email info@SOScatrescueAZ.org , call (520) 445-3889, or fill out an adoption application online.

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