Hospice Cats

December 28, 2015

Myca3Please give the warmest of welcomes to our newest SOS senior Myca. She comes with 16 years of snuggle experience. Her health is currently not the best; she is congested and appears to be deaf. This adorable tripod (she ventures through the world on only three legs) was surrendered by her human together with her 5 dog siblings due to economic reasons. Our fabulous foster who just let Mullen cross the rainbow bridge did not hesitate to take Myca in. Both are enjoying every minute together since Myca, like every senior, is a snuggle head and more interested in human affection and interaction than anything. We’ll keep you posted about Myca’s developments. Myca1

Update 13 Jan 2016: After doing extensive blood work and chest x-rays we now know what is going on with sweet Myca. She has renal disease , grade 3 heart murmur and extremely high blood pressure which results in blood in her urine. She will receive the medical attention and care she needs. Her diet was also changed accordingly to renal disease supporting dry and wet food.

imageIf you would like to sponsor her, please feel free to click here (www.SOScatrescueAZ.org/Your-Donation), or call our rescue vet Pet DoctoRX at (520) 829-5166 to donate directly into Myca’s medical fund (account #5149).  We also accept your kind donations by check to: SOS Cat Rescue AZ, P.O.Box 344, Cortaro, AZ 85652-0344.

Myca7Information about heart murmur: http://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/cardiovascular/c_dg_heart_murmur

Information about renal disease: http://www.petmd.com/cat/conditions/urinary/c_ct_renal_failure_chronic