Fundraiser for Kiki’s eye removal surgery

UPDATE:  January 6th,2018
Kiki has still not reached her surgery weight goal. Little stubborn sister is gaining and then losing weight again which seems to be connected to her eye medication. Our foster mom tried to stretch the times between eye drop time out and/or stopped it altogether and Kiki is gaining weight during these periods. Unfortunately, she needs the medication and stops eating right after the eye drops are applied. Additionally, she receives Sub-q-fluids which she hates and fights with all her tiny might. Spunky girls like her will make it far in life, I just know. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will let you know when the SOS peeps are finally able to schedule her enucleation surgery. Love, ~Earl Grey


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Hi peeps!

My name is Earl Grey and I accompanied my little sister Kiki to the vet again. She has seen the veterinarian office quite often in her short life. Kiki really did not have a good start but she’s a fighter and keeps growing and getting healthier but her right eye is not. Sigh. This means she has to have an enucleation (eye removal surgery) which is very expensive as I learned while listening to the veterinarian when he filled my foster mom in.

He gave Kiki another month to show us how much she can grow (currently she’s 1.5 lbs while I’m already 3 lbs.) and then he will perform the surgery. This gives the wonderful folks at SOS Cat Rescue AZ another month to raise the funds for this surgery which is quoted at ~$760.00 on the low end. It would be wonderful if we would indeed raise that much money. Even better would be $1,000 which would cover all costs for her medical treatments. My foster mom explained it to me in terms of wet food cans and as far as I can tell it’s a LOT.

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For those of you unfamiliar with Kiki’s and my story, here’s a quick summary:

A Good Samaritan brought us to a vet for treatment and took us in for a night or two (my memory is blurry here since I was so tiny) after being found by a construction worker in a vacant building site at 3 weeks of age. The Good Samaritan realized that she could not take care of us the way we needed care because we needed a milk bottle every few hours as well as medication since we were both sick.

SOS was contacted and our awesome foster mom did not hesitate for a second to commit. We moved in with her the very next day and she realized that Kiki’s upper respiratory infection and eye infection was not getting better in the same way I was improving.

Fast forward a few weeks, Kiki’s eye did not get better despite the many vet visits so the rescue decided to get a second opinion for Kiki’s eye and it was determined that the initial medication was not treating the viral infection in her eye and that she lost almost all her vision. She was deemed too little for surgery and given new meds and she had to be in for a re-check the next week.

The meds kicked in almost immediately and she started eating more and was more playful. I can tell because she starts to kick my butt in wrestle games and our favorite “Mouse for Cats” game on the ipad. She advanced to level 18. I’m impressed!  Not that I would admit to this in public, I’m just telling you this because we are friends.

Anyways, today on October 6th, we had another follow up and since Kiki is doing good, gaining little weight every single time, it was determined that she should be big enough in 4 weeks for her enucleation (eye removal surgery). I’m a bit scared for her and at the same time I’m so happy that she is finally deemed healthy enough for this, we just need to find a way to raise the amount for the surgery.

Also, I want to give a shout out to the fabulous Dr. Shear at Twin Peaks Veterinary Center, who will perform the surgery and by the way is totally smitten by Kiki. She is in the best hands with him!

Once again, I would really appreciate if you could share Kiki’s story wide and far and help us raise the necessary funds. Thank you very much.

~Earl Grey, big brother to KiKi

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Second option: Call Twin Peaks Veterinary Center at (520) 572-8300 and donate directly into the rescue account towards Kiki’s surgery

Third option: You could send your donation check to:
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