Courtesy Posts for Cats in Need

The cats listed in this section are not SOS kitties. Yet they are in need of a new home and their current guardians reached out to us to find them good homes. Please either contact SOS or the owners via the listed contact info below the photos.

Mickey and Minnie

Our story has many ups and downs and we hope we can have a happy ending again. We, Mickey and Minnie, are siblings born in 2008. We were rejected by our feline mother at the age of 10 days. Luckily a guardian angel found us and fed us by dropper and later by bottle until we were old enough to ingest solid food.

For the past 10 years, we enjoyed a great life and we shared our home with two dogs. Unfortunately, bad luck befell us once again when our human caretaker was hospitalized and needed to move to Hawaii for health reasons unable to take us with her. They have really strict quarantine rules and she didn’t want to put us through that.

However, in March of 2017 we were rescued once again. This time just 7 days before being placed with the Humane Society.  Lynn and Mary were looking for a male, Tuxedo kitty and saw us two on the internet. Of course, they adopted both of us not wanting to separate siblings.

Now our guardians Lynne and Mary, are seeking a new home due to health issues compounded by their age. Lynn has MS and Mary has congestive heart failure.

Please help us have another happy ending once again. Although Minnie is overweight, we both are in good health, neutered and spayed, declawed a long time ago, and up to date on our vaccinations. Vet records are available.

Contact info:                                                     or             contact SOS 
Lynn Leonard                                                                      via
602-544-5532                                                                       or call 520-445-3889