Courtesy Posts for Cats in Need

The cats listed in this section are not SOS kitties. Yet they are in need of a new home and their current guardians reached out to us to find them good homes. Please either contact SOS or the owners via the listed contact info below the photos.

Roxy and Chloe

Hello, our names are Roxy (black), and Chloe (calico). We are a bonded pair that has been together since we were kittens. We are both about 15 years old but are still very playful and full of life!

Roxy: I am talkative and would love a good conversation with you! I know my name and will meow in response when you start talking to me. I love to roll over and show you my furry belly, and would love if you give my face a good scratch. I love new people and I am friendly with everyone who wants to give me some love! Since I am a little older I do love squeezing into a cozy and comfy cat bed to nap in most of the day. I do have some arthritis in one of my front paws. Some days are worse than others for me and I limp from time to time especially when the weather changes. I do take pain meds when my limp seems to be hurting me. I’ve been around calm dogs and don’t seem to mind them very much. We have also been around children and would do well with ones over the age of 3-4.

Chloe: I am more of the laid back kitty. I am unsure of strangers at first but I come out of my shell pretty quickly. I love to sit at the window and watch the birds fly into and out of the trees. I also love to sunbath and take my afternoon cat nap while lounging in the sun. I am very small and I like to get into small spaces that make me feel safe. I usually have 1 designated spot in the house where I go when I want some alone time. I like more of a calm environment since loud noise sometimes scare me. Just like my friend Roxy I have been around calm dogs before and I don’t seem to mind them if they leave me alone. I am a very healthy kitty cat and I have no medical issues. We would love for you to adopt us and see how much personality we have!

Contact info:                                                     or             contact SOS 
Cora Cahill                                                                       via
email:                                  or call 520-445-3889