Dusty Rose

I got my Report Card from my new foster home after the first week:

  • prefers dry kibble to canned food
  • LOVES to be brushed/petted
  • is very vocal
  • Doesn’t care much for being picked up or held, but will occasionally spontaneously jump in your lap
  • really loves attention
  • is kinda skittish. Loud noises scare her.

She’s slowly coming out of her shell. The first few days, she would just sit in her “perch” in the closet and not want to come out. This morning, when the door to her room was opened to give her breakfast, she was waiting at the door and dashed right out.

My name is Dusty Rose, I’m 4 years young, and looking for a forever home. I’m the complete package. I swear. I’m playful and loving and will ask for cuddles while purring up a storm. I’m good with other cats but are more of a people cat. I have the cutest meow and I LOVE belly rubs from people I know. I just need to get to know you a bit. I know my name and will come out for either food or snuggles from my nippy nap spot under the bed or in the kitty condo.

DLH, diluted tortie
Female – spayed
Felv/FIV test – negative
DOB: approx. 2018

To schedule a meet and greet, please submit a non-binding adoption application via http://www.SOSCatRescueAZ.org/Adoption-Application
Email: info@SOScatrescueAZ.org
Call: (520) 445-3889
Don’t make me wait too long. Thanks. ~Dusty Rose

My adoption fee of $75 includes:
*spay surgery
*age appropriate vaccinations (FVRCP and rabies)
*FIV/FeLV testing
*fecal testing
*treatment for internal & external parasites
*microchip implant

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