Available Kitten for PRE-adoption

Pre-Adoption means that you can start the adoption process by submitting an adoption application, talk to our adoption counselor, meet the kitten of your heart, and schedule the home check for kitten safety reasons. If you pass all steps, we’d like you to pay the adoption fee which will lock in the kitten(s) of your choosing, meaning the kitten will be marked as no longer available. Then lean back and see your kitten grow up to their surgery weight of 3 lbs. After their recovery, they will move into their forever home with you.

Please note that we don’t grant refunds if you change your mind between us taking the kitty of the adoptable list and the actual adoption.

Please start your adoption application here: http://www.SOSCatRescueAZ.org/adoption-application

Available Kittens for pre-adoption:
Amelia, girl, DMH brown tabby, DOB 3/19/2021 – PRE-ADOPTED!
Ham, boy, DSH orange tabby, DOB 4/1/2021
Hash, girl, DSH, black , DOB 4/1/2021

Musical-Litter DOB 4/3/2021
Chorus, boy, black
Coda, boy, black
Lyric, girl, black
Melody, girl, black
Sonnet, girl, black
Treble, boy, grey

Tree-Litter DOB 4/6/2021
Alder, boy, brown tabby and white
Birch, boy, brown tabby and white
Elm, boy, brown tabby and white
Linden, boy, brown tabby and white

OPS Litter DOB 4/8/2021
Olive, girl, grey tabby
Sam, boy, orange tabby

Gods & Goddesses DOB 4/8/2021
Hera, girl, grey
Hestia, girl, diluted tortie — PRE-ADOPTED!
Archimedes, boy, black — PRE-ADPOTED!
Oceanus, boy, grey

Nintendo Kitten
Mario, boy, DMH, grey tabby, DOB 5/1/21
Princess Peach, girl, DMH, brown tabby, DOB 5/1/21

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