Google – kitten

DSH, grey tabby
Female – spayed
Felv/FIV test – negative
DOB: approx. 17th of April 2020Hello!

Hi! I’m Google.

If you’re looking for a happy go lucky, outgoing kitten. Look no further. I’m your gal. I’m friends with everybody. EVERYBODY. I haven’t met a cat or kitten or human I don’t like. If you let me, I will greet all visitors at the door, supervise the deliveries from the front window, or just look adorably cute. I play fetch with you or just play with the ball by myself. I will follow you around to make sure all is okay.

In my current foster home, I supervise my foster mom while she works at the computer from home. My services include but are not limited to: experience with Microsoft applications (how to disconnect calls from) Zoom, GoTo Meeting, and Skype, computer expert on all devices and knows how to handle paperwork. Also, excellent skills in protecting and guarding precious business secrets and acting as paper weight when needed, occupy the chair you want to sit on, or just curl up and sleep in your lap. You name the task, I will act on it.

My current foster mom loves that I snuggles up on her face when it’s time for bed. My purr helps her drift off to sleep and I will watch over her dreams. I won’t stay all night as I have to patrol the house to ensure she is safe during the night. I might wake her up at the crack of dawn by again settling in and curling up next to her face. She needs to know that I love her enough to protect her 24/7. This is also a service I would provide for you if you let me.

 In my current foster home, I’m living peacefully with cats of all ages and both genders as well as a small dog.  As I said, I’m almost perfect and you just have to meet me to see it for yourself.

Call: (520) 445-3889
Thank you! ~Google

My $140 adoption fee includes*spay surgery
*age appropriate vaccinations (FVRCP and rabies)
*FIV/FeLV testing
*fecal testing
*treatment for internal & external parasites
*microchip implant

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