Sheldon – the SciFi expert

DSH – tabby, white paws
Male – neutered
FeLV/FIV test – negative
DOB: approx. 16th of March 2018

Good Meowing and Happy Monday. Mondays are only good days because one can watch DVR-ed episodes of The Big Bang Theory. You might ask “Why is this important today?” Well, because I, Sheldon, say so. I might be small but I prefer to have a voice in this world.

I’m a theoretical catasicst at Cat-tech and up until recently shared the house with my best friend, Leonard. My girlfriend Amy and friend Rajesh also lived with us. All three found other places to be and other cat-adventures to follow in their forever homes. Now it’s my time. I’m known for a brilliant mind and quirky behavior and I have a hard time understanding the meaning of “No” Oh. And I don’t respond to sarcasm.

I have many interests, including chasing my friends, toy balls, the laser pointer, comic books, video games and sci-fi TV shows. My favorite TV shows include Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Star Trek and Firefly. I claim to know many languages including baby-talk, nice talk, kitten talk, and googly eyes.

Although I don’t enjoy the sport yet, I have a strong understanding of football and sometimes I’m seen practicing with Leonard and Rajesh.

Just like my TV hero, I would love my wardrobe to include a large number of superhero and other geeky t-shirts.

If you would like to meet me please contact SOS by email, or call (520) 445-3889, or fill out an adoption application, and you will be contacted about meet-and-greet possibilities.

Thank you! ~ Sheldon.

Adoption fee of $99 includes:
*neuter surgery
*up-to-date vaccinations (FVRCP and rabies)
*FIV/FeLV testing
*microchip implant
*adoption certificate
*adoption package
*PetSmart Coupon book

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