Leonard – the handsome

DSH – orange tabby, white paws
male – not neutered yet (too young)
FeLV/FIV test – negative
DOB: approx. 16th of March 2018

My name is Leonard and I’m a young cat-a-physt with an extremely high IQ. I’m proficient with a wide range of disciplines including history, literature, toy-science, cat-bed testing and I’m able to solve a complex crossword puzzle in seconds – if the words are MEOW and MEOW.

While I often seem insecure, I’m also the most well-adjusted amongst my friends. I’m also sweet, thoughtful, kind, intelligent, mature, sardonic, and socially growing, I’m quick to try new things apart from my geek friends and roommates Amy (the neuroscient-cat), Sheldon (a theoretical catasicst), and Raj (the astrophsic-cat).

Despite the fact I’m the social leader amongst my friends, I want to establish a worthwhile relationship with a human and expand my social circle and find a forever home. Another thing you should know about me is that while I have a vast collection of comic and sci-fi related items, and enjoy such pastimes as playing “String” and “Laser Pointer,” I sometimes find this embarrassing and prefers to cuddle up with his roommates in the big cat bed provided by out foster mom.

Let me know when you’re ready to meet me! ~ Leonard

PS: Sheldon and I have a clause in our roommates’ agreement that if one should acquire super powers the other will be the sidekick.

If you would like to meet me please contact SOS by email info@SOScatrescueAZ.org, or call (520) 445-3889, or fill out an adoption application, and you will be contacted about meet-and-greet possibilities.

Thank you! ~ Love, Leonard

Adoption fee of $125 includes:
*neuter surgery
*up-to-date vaccinations (FVRCP and rabies)
*FIV/FeLV testing
*microchip implant
*adoption certificate
*adoption package
*PetSmart Coupon book

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