Amy – the explorer

DSH – tabby, white paws
Female – not spayed yet (too young)
FeLV/FIV test – negative
DOB: approx. 16th of March 2018

My name is Amy and I live with Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj in Tucson, AZ. I’m a neuroscient-cat focusing on research involving addiction in “prim-eats & inverteb-eats“. Big words for a tiny kitten, yes I know. It get’s better: I earned a Ph.D. in neuro-cat-biology, which is one of the main reasons I’m respected by my nerdy group of friends, especially the hard to impress Sheldon. He introduced himself yesterday. If you missed it, scroll down and read up on him.

My interests are science fiction, comic books, tissue boxes, and almost all of the other things that interest Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj.

My relationship status could be described as complicated aka dating Sheldon. We play well together, some would say we are like brother & sister aka completely lack the romance in our relationship – given that we’re barely 12 weeks old.

I’m very attached to Sheldon and I’m willing to work with his neuroses about the bouncy ball for as long as necessary. Giggle.

My challenges: Dealing with change. My integration into my new social circle (aka foster home) has altered my personality, for the better in many regards. This shift, however, puts me in uncharted territory: a realm I have to be careful and certain that becoming a lap cat and snuggle head is what I really want.

My personality is evolving since the move from the streets into my foster home. Initially, I was enjoying time alone without human interaction. Since spending time with Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj in my foster home, I became more outgoing, trusting, and playful. My foster mom would say that I have developed from a feral, anti-social science nerd into a socially active kitten in a very short time. Still, I haven’t fully gotten the hang of the intricacies. But I’m sure my foster mom will tell me how things are expected to go.

What do you expect from the only girl sharing a bathroom with three guys? The struggle is real!!!

If you would like to meet me please contact SOS by email, or call (520) 445-3889, or fill out an adoption application, and you will be contacted about meet-and-greet possibilities.

Thank you! ~ Love, Amy.

Adoption fee of $125 includes:
*spay surgery
*up-to-date vaccinations (FVRCP and rabies)
*FIV/FeLV testing
*microchip implant
*adoption certificate
*adoption package
*PetSmart Coupon book

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