DLH – black with golden eyes
Male – neutered
FelV/FIV test – negative
DOB: January 2016


Hi Tucson!

Every day is a gift, literally. I’m just so happy to still be alive. My owner went into hospice a few weeks ago and the family dropped me off at the shelter without even giving them my real name. I was very confused but showed my best side. I waited for two weeks for anyone to see my potential. Unfortunately, on a Friday night, I was added to the euthanasia list for the next morning since my two weeks were up. Sigh. Luckily, a SOS volunteer made a very early morning trip to the Pinal shelter in Casa Grande to pick up some kittens. She learned that I was the only adult cat left on the euthanasia list and didn’t hesitate to take me with her.

I’m a very social cat and like snuggles and butt scratches. I will also roll over for belly scratches. When the mood strikes me, I will take your hand and will nibble on it. I never ever broke skin and I will never do it – I promise! I love to nibble and lick my foster dad’s hand when we’re playing rough. Mostly, I like to receive pets and snuggles as I’m a relaxed cat.

I am also very playful and love to chase the red dot. I’m getting quite good at it and one day – I am certain- will I actually catch it.  Other hobbies of mine are head butting, floor rolling, sun bathing, and bird watching.

My ideal home would be one with a cat tree at the window and loving humans. I’m not a big fan of dogs or other cats. I tolerate other cats when they are kittens but really would thrive to my full potential if I could be the only cat.

If you would like to meet me, please contact SOS either by phone (520) 445-3889 or by email to You could also fill out an adoption application, and you will be contacted about meet-and-greet possibilities. Thank you, Coco!

 My adoption fee of $100 includes:
*neuter surgery
*up-to-date vaccinations (FVRCP and rabies)
*FIV/FeLV testing
*fecal testing
*microchip implant
*adoption certificate
*adoption package

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